About Us

We are a local based Trademark Business Advisory company. We provide services such as Trademark Registration Advisory, Business Advisory & Solutions about Trademark Issues.

Our Story

Our story starts from the newspaper we read about. The topic was about a China-based Food & Beverage Company, it was being sued about the Logo that they have been using for years. Rumors said the people who sued them was their long-term competitor right below the street which was suffering loses due to their business was doing better than theirs. In the end, the people who sued them won the case and the company paid around RMB 200,000 in damages ordered by the court. Due to the infringement of Intellectual Property Rights which the competitors have registered under their name.
So, when we saw this post. We were shocked and we thought, if this could happen in a city, what would happen if its in a country. We found out people in Malaysia does not have this type of awareness and exposing themselves to threat from other competitors. So we formed a company to start helping business owners to understand and minimize their risk of their hard-work being taken away forcefully.
Our Mission

Our mission is pretty simple. We are here to help local business owners to understand what is Intellectual Property and how to protect your work or business.
Our ultimate goal is to help as much business owners as possible, providing them the best solution for the protection of their businesses.
We do have Business Lawyers which specializes in Intellectual Property Laws to support our business owners if anything gets out of hand.

Additional Info

  • ​​Our business coverage is the Penisular Malaysia, but our HQ is at Johor Bahru.
  • In Trademark Securities, We take our customer satisfactory very seriously. We tailor the best solutions according to our clients budgets and to their best interest.